Sunday, 30 December 2012

A belated update...

I just realised I hadn't updated you guys in a while with what I've been doing since graduating! So if you were wondering..

Well It was one hell of a year, 3rd year was immensely busy, we finished our graduate animated film The Monster In good time, and The Honey Plot, for which I completed some 3D elements for 2D integration was also finished to a great standard and has been very well received so far.

I had an interview just a couple of days after actually graduating, and I am very proud to inform you that a week later (that felt like an eternity) I was offered the position that I had seriously longed for for a long time! (Horribly structured sentence, I know.)

So for the past 6 months I have been a Matchmove Artist at Framestore, working in feature film from the outpost office in Bournemouth.

Many people ask me what my job actually involves, and I still haven't got the hang of explaining it to family and friends. In short, it involves extrapolating a camera's motion from the footage on a shot-by-shot basis. Maybe my next post can explain it in detail, its really quite interesting if you're a film/vfx/cgi nerd like me!

So that's the recap, sorry it's been so long but life has been very busy lately. Thanks for reading!

Friday, 1 June 2012

New website

Ok, end of term... job time!

Just posting to say I've got a website up and running, it's been there a while but I forgot to mention it! Just a bare bones thingy, an up-to-date showreel, CV and some drawings.

Find it over at

Sunday, 8 April 2012

I hate buying greetings cards. What's the point? its a piece of card that costs £3! So this year for my brother's 30th I thought I'd just draw him one. I never really do it because I know I'm not amazing at drawing but I bit the bullet this time!

Besides the subject matter is his cat... I love that cat! He just cracks me up! The fattest, loudest, cuddliest, grumpiest and most high maintenance cat I've ever known. So here he is, sporting his trademarked apathetic stare. Seriously, he always has that blank expression on his face.

(I'm really annoyed that his tail went off the edge, and then, the stupid auto scanner cropped it even more!)

It's been a while!

Yeah so I haven't posted for ages, (Not because I've stopped working) but because of the funny copyright deal with our film work.

I have managed to put a showreel together though, check it out! It's only the first version, it does need changing:

Ady Holt - Showreel from Ady Holt on

Saturday, 5 November 2011


Ok, This is the fish that I promised to upload. Here's a screenshot to show the geometry and rigging controllers. I remodeled it from an existing model, handed to me for rigging. This was the first thing I ever attempted to rig, it's pretty simple, so it was great to learn.
There's also a picture of it textured. I did the UV's, but didn't paint the texture myself, that was done by Olga (I'll Get a blog link to stick in there)

Friday, 23 September 2011

Nice boots, them shoes

OK, I've been meaning to upload this for ages, It's aboot time! Oh dear, anyway, basically it's a model of an old boot, for the film 'Unreel'. The kid character catches an old boot on his make-shift fishing rod, much to the outperformed co-star fisherman's delight. But the kid has the last laugh, as a lovely fish jumps out of it. I will upload the fish model when I work out why the hell the file won't open on my computer!
But in short, I modeled, UV'd and textured the whole thing. The eagle eyed among you will notice that the UV map is far from perfect, this is due to an inexplicable bug on our linux machines, in which, if we forget to take caution, the UV map is a complete mess the next time the file is opened. And to Cut a long story short, I had to re-arrange the UV map completely three times!! rather annoying to say the least, but that's why the map isn't as good as I'd like.
I've waffled on a little too much about this so I'll stop typing now. As always, criticisms/questions are welcome.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Some 3D

I really should render out some 3D work and beam it into your eyeballs via this website. But for now, here's a piano to satisfy your hungry retinas:

Graeme's been working on an 11 second club animation, and needed a piano for his character play. It only took about a day and a half, the geometry is far from perfect (so I won't show you!) but it does its required job, all the keys move in the appropriate way, and it even has a little sheet of music! It's all about practice... and fun. Maybe I'll do a little animated turntable at some point.