Friday, 11 March 2011

... So I started a blog.

Alright, it's long overdue but I finally set up a blog and this is my first ever post.

I have sorted out a bunch of stuff to upload but I gotta start somewhere so I'll begin at the beginning. Right now the end of second year at the AUCB on BA Animation Production is in sight, and as I've only just set this thing up, I'll do a bit of a back-datey thing and show some first year stuff. It's not really great but I figured it might be worth uploading for two reasons: 1. To hopefully show some skill development, and 2. To work out how to work this bloggy thing.

So if I do this right... there should be some images under this text of some bits and bobs from my fist year.

The above two are artist studies of Toulouse Lautrec. please excuse the mess of a horse on the right.
One of the Purbeck Hills, no too far from my house.

...And there is some vegetation.

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