Saturday, 12 March 2011

Some general life drawing

Here are some life drawings from the first term of second year. Know this: I used auto levels in photoshop to make the drawings stand out, but it totally killed any line quality that was there, and i no longer have the original un-edited scans. So just so you know, they weren't drawn with an 8B pencil in my Hulk-like fist, it just looks that way!

Constructive criticisms are welcome.

The above is a little study of an Egon Schiele drawing.
I hate the top left drawing, everything is wrong with it so just ignore that one!
The longest I've ever spent drawing a head, about an hour. Heads are one of those things that Ihave massive difficulty drawing, so I've always avoided it. I was happy that this one actually resembles the model.

I approached this one using the technique of Dryden Goodwin (he is amazing) but mine didn't quite turn out like his masterpieces. A worthwhile exercise none the less.

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